Setting Parameters

If your current image management solution uses special strings in URLs such as query string parameters or URL callout strings to apply policies to images, you can add conditions to your Image and Video Manager rules that select those strings and apply Image and Video Manager parameters.

You can use these parameters to specify which policy to apply. You can also use them to select a particular derivative width, format, or pixel density rather than leaving those decisions to Image and Video Manager ’s algorithms.

How to

  1. If necessary, navigate to the Property Manager configuration version that contains your new Image and Video Manager settings.
  2. Find a rule that contains an enabled Image and Video Manager behavior.
  3. Create a child rule for your Image and Video Manager parameters.
  4. Use match criteria to select the images where you want to apply Image and Video Manager parameters.
  5. For each parameter you want to set, add an instance of the “Image and Video Manager : Set Parameter” behavior. When you select the Parameter you want to set, a field appears where you can enter or select a value: Policy Name, Widths, Format, or Pixel Density.