About Image and Video Manager Rules

When you created your Web Performance configuration, you defined some rules in Property Manager. Rules consist of match criteria and behaviors. If a request fulfills the conditions in the match criteria, your Web Performance product applies the behaviors in that rule.

Now that your basic Web Performance configuration is live in your production environment, you can turn on Image and Video Manager. You do this by adding one or more Image and Video Manager rules to your Web Performance configuration. These rules include the Image and Video Manager behavior.

One setting in this behavior is the Policy Set Name. You will use this name to create a group of IM policies. Those policies will be available only to images that fulfill the match criteria for a rule that contains this policy set name.

If your current image management solution uses query string parameters, callout strings, or other specialized syntax in URLs to apply image processing instructions, you can also set policy name parameters in Image and Video Manager rules to apply your new policies. This allows you to leverage the existing strings in your image URLs rather than replacing them. See Setting Parameters.

When you have completed your Image and Video Manager rules (with parameter settings, if applicable), activate your Property Manager configuration on staging.