Configuring Image and Video Manager Rules

How to

  1. Log into the Control Center.
  2. Go to > CDN > Image and Video Manager.
  3. Navigate to the property where you are adding Image and Video Manager .
  4. Open the version of the property configuration you want to edit.
  5. Click Add Rule.
  6. If matching based on client-specific data like device characteristics, IP address/version, request cookie, request header, or user agent:
    1. Select Image and Video Manager Advanced.
    2. In the rule’s child rule, enter the rule criteria in the If section.
  7. If matching based on any other available criteria:
    1. Select Image and Video Manager.
    2. Set criteria for the rule in the If section.
  8. In the Image and Video Manager behavior, complete the fields described in the following table.
  9. If you determined that you require multiple IM rules, repeat steps 4–7 for each rule, using the match criteria you noted in the worksheet.
  10. Click Save.
  11. On the Image Manager Worksheet, make a note of the Policy Set Name associated with each Image and Video Manager rule.
    Fields in the Image and Video Manager Behavior
    Field Action
    Enable Set to On to enable Image and Video Manager.
    Scale for Mobile Turn on to let Image and Video Manager’s algorithms pick the best image derivative image width for the requesting device’s screen size and resolution.
    Use Best File Type Turn on to convert images automatically to the best file type for the requesting device.
    Region Pick a location close to your site’s heaviest traffic. In this region, Image and Video Manager stores any derivative images generated by your policies.
    Pristine Images CP Code Select the Content Provider (CP) code for traffic between Image and Video Manager and your origin, where your pristine images reside.
    Derivative Images CP Code Select the CP code for traffic serving derivative images to end users.
    Policy Set Type If set to Custom, creates a custom policy set to link this Property Manager rule to a set of Image and Video Manager policies.
    Policy Set Name (API Key) Keep note of this name, which associates a set of Image and Video Manager policies with this instance of the Image and Video Manager behavior. You’ll need this value when setting up your policies.