Creating a Web Performance Configuration

Image and Video Manager is a feature available in several of Akamai’s Web Performance products. To enable and configure Image and Video Manager, first you must set up the parent product configuration.

If you have not yet created a Web Performance configuration and activated it in your production environment, do so now before continuing. You can find step-by-step instructions for creating a basic configuration in the Web Performance: Getting Started booklets. Select the version that matches the security level of your site. Be sure to include the following in your configuration:

  • In the property hostnames section: any images-specific hostnames
  • In the Default Rule’s Origin Server behavior: the hostname of your images origin server
    Instructions for Configuring Your Web Performance Product
    Types of Requests Used on Your Site Which Guide to Use
    HTTP only Web Performance: Getting Started for HTTP Properties
    HTTP and/or HTTPS Web Performance: Getting Started for HTTPS Properties