Guidance on how to troubleshoot issues encountered when working with Image and Video Manager.

In order to effectively troubleshoot, it helps to understand what Image and Video Manager is doing with your image and video files. There are three tools that will help you to gather this information: Piez, the Perceptual Quality Preview tool, and the Image and Video Manager Dashboard. Each tool gives you different insights.

Use Piez to:

  • determine the number of images and videos optimized on a web page, the total bytes saved, and the percentage reduction in bytes
  • find the size of the original (pristine) image or video
  • find the size and format of the transformed image or video
  • determine whether the processed image or video is a real time or optimized (offline) derivative

Use the Perceptual Quality Preview tool to:

  • understand why a particular image wasn’t converted to the expected format

Use the Image and Video Manager Dashboard to: