Use this widget to see the most heavily applied policies on your site. Policies are given as the API token followed by the policy name.

Note: For any given image request, Image and Video Manager applies no more than one policy. Therefore, the data in this widget counts a request only once.

To choose the sort criteria, select an option in the upper right corner of the widget. In addition to the single-sort by measurement type (hits or volume), you can also choose an option that shows the top results grouped by an additional attribute: browser, image width, or image format. This does not change the data on the list—just their order.

For example:

  • Policies by Volume and Format groups the results of a volume sort by the image format. So the JPEG results on the list would be grouped in descending order by volume, the PNG results would be group by volume, and so on.
  • Policies by Hits and Width groups the results of a hit-count sort by the width of the image served. So the results for images of 320 px wide would be grouped in descending order by number of hits, the results for 640 px images would be grouped by number of hits, etc.