Fit and Fill

Resizes an image to fit within a specific size box and then uses a blurred fill of that same image to cover any transparent space at the edges. To set up Fit and Fill, specify the widths and height of the finished image in pixels.

For example, if you have the following image that you want fit into a box on your web page:

You can use the Fit and Fill transformation to maintain the image’s aspect ratio while reducing its size to fit into the box.

For more information review the Reduce an image to fill a shape with a different aspect ratio recipe in the Image and Video Manager Cookbook.

To generate the same results using the Image and Video Manager Query Language, append the following to your image URL:


If you add the IMQuery transformation to a policy, use the im variable, and select Fit and Fill, you can use a query string to resize any image using this policy. See Syntax and Examples for the syntax for the query string parameter.