Purge images from the cache

If you modify an image file, you should purge it from the cache. This ensures that Image and Video Manager generates fresh derivatives using the new version of the image .

Image and Video Manager supports these purging methods:
  • Fast Purge (by URL, CP Code, or ARL)
  • Enhanced Content Control Utility by Directory or Extension
Images can be cached in several places. Before purging perform these steps:
  • Remove the out-of-date images from the Origin server.
  • Clear your browser cache and history.
  • Clear the images from any middle proxy caches in your local environment.
Note: preserve-query-args is enabled in the product. This means that query parameters are included in the URL part of the cache key, not the flexible portion.
Take, for example, this cache key:
L1/L/4321/123456/30d/www.example.com/Resources/example/banner/1_store_1_90.jpg?323 cid=___IM_FILE_NAME=.auto.1.5000.chrome&IM_API_TOKEN=www.example.com-10506295&IM_COMB_ON=true
In order to properly purge this image, you would need to purge:
?323 is not part of the flexible portion.