Remove Color

Removes a specified color from an image and replaces it with transparent pixels. This transformation is ideal for removing solid background colors from product images photographed on clean, consistent backgrounds without any shadows. You can enter a hex value or click the color picker to select the color to remove.

Important: We’re making experimental features available for you to try so we can include your feedback in our development process. The Remove Color transformation is still under development and is subject to change without notice. It may be replaced or even removed and is not intended for use in a production capacity. We do however, encourage you to use Remove Color in staging or on pre-production traffic and of course, to email us with your feedback!

The Tolerance option defines how close the color needs to be to the selected color before it's changed to fully transparent. By default Tolerance is set at a value of 0.2. Set the Tolerance to 0.0 to remove only the exact color specified. The maximum permitted Tolerance is 1.0.

The Remove Color transformation may create a hard edge around an image. To minimize these hard edges and make the removal of the color more gradual in appearance, use the Feather option. This option allows you to extend the color removal beyond the specified Tolerance. The pixels in this extended tolerance become semi-transparent - creating a softer edge. By default the feather option is disabled (set to 0.0).
Note: The first realtime request for an image using the feather option may result in a slow transformation time. Subsequent requests are not impacted as they are served directly out of cache.

If you add the IMQuery transformation to a policy, use the im variable, and select Remove Color, you can use a query string to remove a specified color from an image and replace it with transparent pixels. See Syntax and Examples for the syntax for the query string parameter.