Create Perceptual Quality Previews

Perceptual quality lightens the weight of your images while maintaining the best visual quality by intelligently calculating and applying a precise degree of compression for the maximum level of byte reduction that is imperceptible to the human eye. You can use perceptual quality preview to view images with perceptual quality enabled to the level you choose and optimized for the browsers your customers use. This allows you to determine the perceptual quality settings you want to use in your Image and Video Manager policies.

How to

  1. Click Perceptual Quality Preview on the Image and Video Manager home page.
    The Perceptual Quality Preview page opens.
  2. Enter a name for the preview in the Preview Name field.
  3. Select the browsers for which you want to create previews under Requesting Browser. Select Generic to include requests from browsers that do not support browser-specific formats.
  4. Select the levels of perceptual quality for which you want to generate previews. If you select High, you get the highest quality level, but the lowest byte reduction. If you select Medium Low, you get a lower quality level, but high byte reduction.
  5. Click Add Image and enter the URL of the image you want to preview. You can add multiple images to include in your preview.
  6. Click Create Previews.

Next steps

Previously generated previews appear in the Session Reports section of this page for as long as they exist in your browser's cache. To view the images with the settings you specified, see View Perceptual Quality Previews. After you determine the perceptual quality setting you want to use , set your policy to use perceptual quality. For more information on setting perceptual quality for your images, see Configure Image and Quality Settings.