View Perceptual Quality Previews

This section describes how to use the perceptual quality preview to preview your images with perceptual quality set to the level you specify.

Before you begin

See Create Perceptual Quality Previews to specify the images you want to preview, the different browsers you want to optimize for, and the level of perceptual quality you want to use.

After you create your previews, they appear in the Perceptual Quality Preview with the name you gave the preview at the top of the page.

How to

  1. Scroll through your preview. The settings you specified for the browsers you want to optimize for appear under Requesting Browser, and the level of perceptual quality you specified appears under Perceptual Quality . The Size of the image, the Saving in bytes, Quality and Format of the file also appear.
  2. Click Heat Map in the Preview Type field to view a heat map that shows the degree to which Image and Video Manager changed your image then select Image to view the image again.
  3. Click Download Report to download and save your preview images on your computer. The preview includes a .zip file of all permutations of requesting browsers and perceptual quality levels you selected applied to each of the images you list. If you do not download your preview, Image and Video Manager does not save your preview. You may still access your preview on the Perceptual Quality Preview page as long as it remains in your browser's cache, but if you want to save the previews permanently, you must download the report.

Next steps

After you determine the perceptual quality setting you want to use , set your policy to use perceptual quality. For more information on setting perceptual quality for your images, see Configure Image and Quality Settings.