EDC top-level categories and device characteristic (DC) headers

OCA organizes EDC data by top-level categories, each with their own unique device characteristics (DC) headers.

Enabled, EDC can forward data via the X-Akamai-Device-Characteristics header.

Important: Enabling EDC increases the size of the HTTP request headers sent to your origin server.

With EDC enabled, when an Android mobile phone visits your site, selecting Hardware Information sends a header that might look something like the following:

X-Akamai-Device-Characteristics: brand_name=Google;is_mobile=true; is_tablet=false;device_os=Android
EDC Top-level Category Device Characteristics
Hardware Information
  • Brand Name
  • Model Name
  • Marketing Name
  • Is Mobile
  • Is Wireless Device
  • Is Tablet
Software Information
  • Device OS
  • Device OS (Verizon)
  • Mobile Browser
  • Mobile Browser Version
  • Resolution Width
  • Resolution Height
  • Physical Screen Width
  • Physical Screen Height
  • AJAX Support JavaScript
  • Max Image Width
  • Max Image Height
  • Viewport Initial Scale
  • Viewport Width
Feature Support
  • Cookie Support
  • Full Flash Support
  • Flash Lite Version
  • AJAX Preferred Geolocation API
  • HTML Preferred DTD
  • Dual Orientation
  • Accept Third Party Cookie
File Support
  • GIF Animated
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF Support
XHTML Support
  • Preferred Markup
  • XHTML Table Support
  • XHTML Supports Table for Layout
  • XHTML File Upload
  • XHTML Support Level
  • XHTML Support iFrame
  • XHTML MP Preferred MIME
  • Type XHTML Preferred Character Set