Your site doesn't load

If your site fails to load, check the following items.

How to

  1. Have you created the origin DNS A record specified by Akamai, and is it pointing to your origin web server?

    Use a tool like nslookup or dig to check that the origin hostname is created properly and resolving to the correct IP address for your origin web server.

  2. Is your origin web server up and accessible and responding to HTTP requests for the primary domain host header?

    Make sure your origin web server is up, connected to the Internet, and responding on the IP address you specified in your origin server DNS A record. Make sure your web server is configured to respond to the primary domain host header. Akamai’s server will send the primary domain in the host header, even for the alias domains.

  3. If your site is secure, is your origin certificate working correctly?

    Verify that your origin certificate is working correctly in your browser. Also, go to your Akamai configuration settings, under Security, and check that your origin certificate meets all requirements. If you make changes to your certificate, select Check to make sure that it’s still meeting all requirements.

  4. Is the Akamai IP testing address up to date?

    Sometimes Akamai server IP addresses will stop being handed out by DNS, such as when a server goes down for maintenance. If you are using a hard-coded IP address for testing, the IP address may no longer point to an available server. Look at the Preview and Test page and compare the IP address provided there to the one that you’re using. If IP addresses are different, update your hosts file with the IP address on the Preview and Test page.