Your site’s content is incorrect or inconsistent

If you are receiving incorrect or inconsistent content, check the following items.

How to

  1. Verify your cache settings are accurate. Check if you are caching content that varies based on something that is not part of the cache key. By default, the cache key consists of the primary domain, the path, the filename, and the query string. You can opt to exclude the query string in Advanced Cache Settings.
  2. Check if you are you received cached stale content. If your content is stale, issuing a purge request will update the content in the Akamai caches. For more information about purging your cached content, check the Fast Purge Utility help on Control Center.
  3. If you load balance between multiple origin servers, verify they all have the same content. If you use multiple origin web servers behind a load balancer, and if they have inconsistent content, this can cause different content to be cached across different Akamai servers. First, make sure the correct content is deployed on all of your origin servers. Then, issue a purge request for the affected content to refresh Akamai’s caches.