Your site has broken sessions

If your user session state is not being maintained as you navigate your site, check the following items.

How to

  1. Make sure you are testing by editing your hosts file, and not testing with an Akamai domain. If you are testing with an Akamai domain ending in or, this is just for testing to verify that content loads, not for functional testing. Because these alternate domains are different than your site, it’s very common for sessions to break when using them.
  2. Make sure you are not caching pages that rely on session state to render. In most of the default configurations, pages are not cached. However, if you are using the static site option or have altered your cache setting to cache pages, you may cause pages to be served out of cache that were customized based on a different user’s session. Review your settings and determine if you need to not cache (no-store) certain content.
  3. Check the logs at your origin. Check your origin web server logs or traffic to see what has changed about the incoming HTTP request headers when the session state is lost.