Next, get some directions

To get your traffic from one place to the next, you need to tell the Akamai edge servers where to go.

Today your end users reach your origin server using your primary domain. After you go live, your primary domain will point to the Akamai servers. To retrieve content, these servers need directions to your origin server. You provide them by creating another domain that points to your origin server. This other domain is called the origin hostname.

Create an origin hostname

During onboarding Akamai suggests an origin hostname (for example, that you can choose to use as-is or else can edit. You can also enter an existing origin hostname. Just remember that, regardless of the origin hostname entered, the URLs visible to your end users remain your primary or alias domains.

At your request, your DNS can add your origin hostname to your DNS records as an A record pointing to the IP address of your origin server. Make sure the address is exactly the same as the one in the DNS record for your primary domain.

Note that your DNS admin might be a third-party provider or someone else in your organization.

About certificates. What you need to do.