Explore more options after going live

After your property is live on the Akamai network you can; exit the OCA application at any time and view your property’s details and performance summary on the OCA property landing page, set up security protections for your website (you must have Web Application Protector on your contract), set notifications and alerts, purge cached content, open a support case, view your property in Property Manager, or convert your OCA property to Property Manager.

You might ask, why would I want to convert my OCA property to Property Manager?

The answer is that Property Manager is a cool, very robust configuration tool that has lots of features, modules, and settings. Currently, OCA has only a subset of what’s available in Property Manager. If you want to take advantage of Property Manager's advanced capabilities and use it to manage your property, you must convert the property from OCA to Property Manager.

Important: Once converted, your property can't be managed in OCA or converted back to an OCA property. If you made changes to your active configuration, they will not be saved or converted until you deploy them to Go Live in OCA.

If you want to keep your property in OCA, that’s fine too. In that case, you’d click Edit Configuration, which takes you back to the OCA application, where you can manage the OCA settings for your particular property. You’ll be able to make changes to your configuration, preview and test, and then push those changes back out to the Akamai network.

Set up security protections with Web Application Protector

Web Application Protector lets you set sophisticated protections against application-layer attacks, specify network blacklists, and enforce rate controls to mitigate DoS attacks.
Important: To set security protections on your property, you must have Web Application Protector on your contract. For assistance, contact your account representative.

For more information on Web Application Protector, see the Web Application Protector User Guide on Control Center.

Purge cached content

Fast Purge is a web interface available in Control Center that in seconds, across the Akamai edge network, lets you purge edge content. You’ll find this extremely useful, especially in situations when you need to quickly correct mistakes in your published content. You can even automate your content purge requests via the Content Control Utility API.

Open a support case

If you need assistance with your Akamai applications, you can create a support request and Akamai will help you resolve any questions or issues you might have.

View your property in Property Manager

While in OCA, you can view your property’s active versions, version history, and performance in Property Manager, but you cannot take advantage of Property Manager’s cool features. For that, you’ll need to convert your property to Property Manager.

Convert your property to Property Manager

Converting your property to Property Manager means that you’ll be able to use all of Property Manager’s advanced configuration capabilities to manage your property, but you will not be able to manage the property in OCA going forward. The conversion from OCA to Property Manager is not reversible. Any change that you’ve made to your active, OCA property must be saved and live on the Akamai network before you convert the property to Property Manager.

Ongoing recommendations

After you go live on the network, Akamai continues to monitor your site’s performance. From time to time, you’ll receive recommendations to help you further optimize your configuration.