Enabling HTTP/2 is an easy way to tweak performance.

HTTP/2 speeds up content delivery by reducing latency and resource consumption when loading web properties using a few techniques:

  • Multiplexing: Multiple objects can be sent concurrently over a single TCP connection, instead of waiting for each request to finish before the next can begin.
  • Header Compression: HTTP headers are compressed to save transfer time and conserve bandwidth.
  • Prioritization: The most important resources are downloaded first so that the browser can begin rendering the page sooner.
  • Server Push: Instead of waiting for the browser to request a page's resources (CSS, images, JavaScript, etc.) the server can proactively push them to the client, eliminating the round-trip time required to make another request to the origin server.

HTTP/2 is only available on secure sites. You won’t see this option if your site’s configuration is not secure.

For more about HTTP/2, check Community and also see the HTTP/2 on Intelligent Platform Quick Reference on Control Center.

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