A few things before getting started

Key concepts and terms you want to keep straight

  • Domain Name Server (DNS) keeps track of domain names and translates them to an IP address.
  • DNS CNAME (or canonical name) record specifies that a domain is an alias for another domain. More about this when you go live on the Akamai network.
  • Origin server is where you publish your content.
  • Origin hostname is a new DNS record that points to your origin server; you create this (for example, origin-www.example.com).
  • Edge server is the Akamai network server.
  • Edge hostname is the DNS record that points to the most optimal Akamai server; we provide this (for example, www.example.com.edgesuite.net).

How your end users’ browsers get to an Akamai server

When your end users visit your site, their browsers do a DNS lookup for your domain name. Today, your DNS configuration returns an A record that points to your origin server. To serve your traffic through Akamai, you’ll need to direct end users to an Akamai server. To do this, you’ll change the DNS configuration for your domain to return a CNAME record that redirects the DNS request to the edge hostname. Then the Akamai DNS servers will return the IP address of the best Akamai servers for the end users. Their browsers will use those Akamai IP addresses to retrieve content from your site. If necessary, the Akamai servers will look up your origin hostname to connect to your origin server to retrieve content.

About making changes to your site’s requirements

After you submit your site requirements, you cannot change them, except for your alias domains. If you want to modify your site’s requirements, you must delete that property and onboard a new one.

Supported products and features

At this time, OCA only supports the current, core Web Performance products; Dynamic Site Delivery (DSD), Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA), Rich Media Accelerator (RMA), Ion Standard, and Ion Premier (with standard features). If you have products other than these, use Property Manager in Akamai Control Center to onboard your site.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. All onboard!