Choose a product to onboard

Tell us which product you’ll use to get on Akamai’s network. To simplify things, you can only onboard products and modules that you’ve already purchased, and the only visible configuration settings are those associated with these purchased Akamai products.

Don’t see the product or contract you expected to see?

You may need to create your property in a different group to access a specific contract.

Can’t decide which product or contract to choose?

A short chat with your account rep is probably the fastest way to decide.

Use Property Manager to onboard your product

There’s one other way to get on board the Akamai network, and that’s using Akamai's Property Manager, in Control Center.

In contrast to OCA, which is designed to be quick and simple, Property Manager allows more sophisticated configuration settings and supports a broader set of Akamai products. After onboarding your site with OCA, you can switch to Property Manager at any time to view your property.

To get onboard the Akamai network using Property Manager, log in to Control Center, click Create, then Property. From here, onscreen directions help you through Property Manager's workflow.

Next, which of your domains do you want to server through our network?