Welcome to the Onboard & Configuration Assistant (OCA)

This self-service Onboard & Configuration Assistant (OCA) application makes it easy for you to take advantage of Akamai’s powerful Intelligent Platform (commonly referred to as the Akamai network) and acclaimed content delivery network (CDN).

For more information, visit CDN Learning Center.

In four easy steps, you're live on the Akamai network

1. Meet Site Requirements
Provide some general information about your site so we can analyze it to optimize your property’s Akamai configuration.
2. Configure Settings
Set up your origin DNS record. If your site serves secure (HTTPS) traffic, you’ll create certificates as well. You can also view your Akamai configuration settings and modify them if you like. If we find ways to optimize your configuration, we’ll let you know.
3. Preview and Test
Test your site on the Akamai staging network to make sure it functions properly before Akamai starts carrying your traffic to your end users.
4. Go Live
Change your DNS and start serving traffic through the Akamai production network. Once you click I’m Finished, you’re done.

A few things before getting started.