Test your site's functionality

Functionality testing helps ensure that your site works as expected. It’s optional but strongly recommended. You should test the functionality of each domain being onboarded, including aliases.

If you can't test all functionality, focus on the primary use cases for your business. Akamai also advises that you run your full site test plan if you have one.

For example, you might:

  • verify session management
  • verify that personalized content for one logged-in user is not improperly displayed to another
  • verify shopping cart and checkout functions

At this level of testing you should also verify that just the intended content is being cached, for the intended amount of time, using the Akamai debug headers. Check Community for information on Akamai headers.

Note: If you do performance or load testing, don’t make every request to just one Akamai server IP address. That wouldn’t accurately reflect Akamai’s load balancing, so the test results would not be accurate. Instead, for every test request, look up the IP address returned by the Akamai domain, the edge hostname.

The following sections describe some things to check if your site's functionality seems broken.