mPulse provides performance monitoring of web pages based on performance metrics and dimension data collected from real end users. To set up mPulse, enable mPulse for your site, add the mPulse behavior to your OCA property, then test mPulse.

For more information about mPulse, visit Community.

How to

  1. Enable mPulse for your site as follows:
    1. Log in to mPulse.
    2. At the top of the screen, click Central, and then click Apps in the navigation pane.
    3. Double-click the app that you want to add to OCA. The Configure Your App dialog appears.
    4. Click Advanced. The Configure Web App dialog appears displaying the General tab.
    5. On the General tab, go to the API key field and copy the value to your clipboard. It’s important that you copy this value correctly, as you’ll need it when adding the mPulse behavior to your property in OCA.
  2. Add the mPulse behavior to an OCA property as follows:
    1. Select the OCA configurations you wish to edit and click Edit Configuration.
    2. Under All settings, navigate to the Intelligence section of your OCA configuration.
    3. For mPulse, slide the switch to On.
    4. Paste the mPulse API key value into the mPulse API key field. This is the key you have copied from the mPulse application. Note that the API key format must include five groups of alphanumeric characters separated by dashes (for example, 234aA-b5678-9B23c-4567C-dDe89). If you incorrectly copy and paste the value, you will see an error message.
    5. Click Save to save your changes.
    6. Click Continue to Preview and Test to activate the configuration on staging.
    7. Load the page in your browser to test the configuration.
    8. Once testing is complete, click Continue to Go Live to activate the configuration on the production network.
  3. Once you activate your OCA configuration on production, you can begin testing for mPulse data. For mPulse, the best way to verify that your configuration settings are working as expected is by opening an mPulse dashboard and making sure that the page views count is increasing. Depending on the amount of traffic you’re sending, it takes about 15 minutes for reports to generate data after an initial mPulse configuration is activated on the Akamai network.