The RUM Dimension report lets you view a single metric across the top 10 results for a single reporting dimension or characteristic using a line graph. As an example, the top results for browser type might include Chrome Mobile and Firefox. As performance can vary by dimension, this report helps you understand what is going on at the micro- and macro-levels. The legend, at the bottom of the report, displays the selected statistical calculation (Median, 90th percentile, or both).

The report also displays two bar charts; one with the raw count (Sample Size), and a second with summary data based on the aggregation methods. Up to 10 of the top results display for the selected dimension. In the following figure, the bar charts’ x-axis shows the data categories being compared, and the y-axis displays the values.

Dimension Report

For details on selecting filters to generate and view your Dimension report, see Working with Your Dimension Report.