Navigation Timing with the RUM JavaScript

The Navigation Timing specification is a JavaScript-based API developed by the W3C to help collect information about the end-user experience for Web applications. For more information, see W3C Navigation Timing.

The following table lists the browsers that currently support the Navigation Timing API.

Navigation Timing API – Supported Browsers
Browser Version
Blackberry 10.0 and above
Chrome 6.0 and above
Chrome for Android 29.0 and above
Firefox 7.0 and above
Firefox for Android 23.0 and above
Internet Explorer 9.0 and above
Internet Explorer Mobile 10.0 and above
IOS Safari 9.2 and above
Native Android 4.0 and above
Opera 15.0 and above
Opera Mobile 14.0 and above
Note: For the latest list of browsers that support Navigation Timing, see the Navigation Timing API.

The RUM JavaScript collects a subset of the timing data. For a list of the metrics collected for RUM, see Timing Metrics Collected.