Integration with Other Features

Some of the dimensions gathered by RUM are related to other features. The following table provides information for each feature that is integrated with RUM.

Features with Data in RUM
Feature Integration Description
Adaptive Acceleration Acceleration improves HTML page load performance by pre-positioning content. When it receives an HTML page request, Adaptive Acceleration augments the response using unintrusive techniques to provide content to the browser as needed. This reduces the load and render time for web pages based on information from the navigation and resource timing data in RUM.
Front-End Optimization (FEO) FEO provides a suite of Web-site performance enhancements that accelerate page rendering and reduce download times. By organizing your Web resources into content groups, you can fine-tune which optimization methods to use on specific types of content.

RUM will provide data as to whether a Web page was optimized using FEO.

IPv6 RUM will provide data as to whether a Web page was served over the IPv6 protocol.
HTTP/2 HTTP/2TM is an open networking protocol for transporting web content. It is designed to reduce latency and resource consumption when loading web properties.

RUM provides data as to whether a web page was served over the HTTP/2 protocol.