Verifying and Updating Property Manager Configurations for RUM

Complete the following tasks to continue collecting RUM data with your new Property Manager configuration.

How to

  1. Put together a list of the hostnames/digital properties that have RUM configured in Configuration Manager.
  2. In Property Manager, for each hostname/digital property on the list, review either the pending or the active Property Manager configuration.

    The status of your Property Manager configuration varies depending on where you are in the upgrade process.

  3. Go through the rules configured for the property and verify that the Real User Monitoring (RUM) behavior appears where appropriate. The following figure shows the current RUM behavior.
    Real User Monitoring (RUM) Behavior

    Note: You can add RUM to either the default rule, or to a rule that you create.
  4. If the Real User Monitoring (RUM) behavior is missing, add it as follows:
    1. Click Add Behavior.
    2. Select Real User Monitoring (RUM) and click Insert Behavior.
    3. Verify that the Enable field is set to On.
    4. Save your changes to the property.
  5. Activate your newly-updated property using the instructions in Activating the Property.
  6. Test your newly-updated property using the instructions in Testing RUM.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until you have verified each digital property.