Comparison Report

The RUM Comparison report is a custom, filter-based comparison of RUM data for the time period and filters selected. The report can be used to compare site performance, based on specific experiences to determine the impact before and after a change, for example, comparing all mobile users vs. all desktop users separately during a specific time period, before and after FEO was enabled on a configuration.

If your use case falls outside of the filter and date range comparisons, this report allows you to capture and control a range based on Host, URL, date, and filters. This allows for any combination to match any use case you would like to capture in the RUM comparison report.

To illustrate, if you have enabled FEO, you can capture FEO off for a specific browser before the change, and compare that to after the change with FEO on for the same browser after the change is complete.

The following figure shows a simple Page Load Time performance (%) comparison, based on RUM data for a select time period and users (Set A and Set B). Each consecutive bin corresponds to a 0.5 seconds interval, with 30 as the max-latency value. The sample size for each set, and the result of the optional filter selections (metric and hit speed percentages), appear in the Summary section at the bottom of the report.

Comparison Report

For more details about this report, see Generating and Viewing a Comparison Report.