When to Contact Your Account Team

After you have completed the tasks in the Getting Started with RUM section, and have been comparing RUM data on a monthly basis for two or more months, you should call your account team if you notice the following:

  • A drastic change between months where:
    • No site changes or maintenance occurred
    • Unexpected high levels of traffic are seen
  • A large number of hits from a geographic location not commonly known for that amount of traffic Either of these occurrences may require further investigation. Contact your account team to determine possible next steps.
Note: Comparing reports on a monthly basis helps you validate your synthetic test configurations and determine the general performance of your site. Comparing time periods that are less than a month may not give you accurate data for comparison. RUM currently keeps data from the last 90 days. You can generate reports for time periods of 30 days or less within this 90-day window. You can also use the export feature to save report data for future analysis. For more information, see Exporting RUM Report Data.