Viewing a Different Time Period

After generating your initial RUM reports, you have the following options when selecting a new time period:

  • From Select Report Criteria, change the start date/time, and the end date/time manually, using the Custom date/time selector.
    Custom Date Range Selector

  • In the lower portion of the line graphs (Time Series and Dimension reports), you can use the selector to zoom in on a shorter time period within the range you originally selected. To use the selector, click on it, and then drag it to the desired time period.
    Range Selector

    The following figure shows a subset of time was selected. As a result, the Time Series report displays an adjusted, more precise view of the time period selected in the subset.

    Time Range Selection Result (top)

    For a closer look at the subset, click the diagonal arrows in the right corner of the report, and then select the desired time again.