Selecting Additional Filters for Your Dimension Report

After your Dimension report appears, you have the option to filter your report by the following:

Additional Dimension Report Filters
Filter Description
Metric A single metric related to site performance. For definitions of these metrics, see Available Metrics for RUM Reports.
Dimension Characteristic data collected by RUM. For definitions of these dimensions, see Available Dimensions for RUM Reports.
Aggregation Method Median or 90th Percentile. For definitions of the these methods, see How RUM Works.
Shorter Time Period A shorter time period within the range you originally selected. For details, see Viewing a Different Time Period.

How to

  1. At the top of the report, click the gear icon.
  2. Use the menus to select filters.
  3. Click View Report to see the result.
  4. At the base of the line graph, use the range selector to capture a more precise view of the time period selected in the subset.
  5. At the bottom-right of the line graph, select the aggregation method(s). Median alone is displayed by default.
    Dimension Report - Additional Filter Selections