Place the SureRoute test object (SRTO) on your origin server

SureRoute improves performance by routing requests from end users to your origin server along the fastest paths across the Akamai network. You simply place our standard SRTO (or other valid test object) on your origin server. You’ll configure the SureRoute feature when you customize your property's configuration settings.

How to

  1. Download the, extract the files, then place the sureroute-test-object.html file on your origin server.
  2. Make a note of the SRTO's path and filename. You need this information to create a new property configuration.
    Warning: If you move or rename the SRTO, make sure to update your SureRoute configuration so it doesn't impact your site’s performance.
    Warning: Be careful not to delete the SRTO from your origin server. If you delete it, some Web Performance features will not work.
  3. Tell the edge servers how to find your origin server.