About the Web Performance Solutions setup

Before Akamai Web Performance is set up on your property, your end users get content directly from your origin server. After you complete the setup, end users will instead connect to the Akamai Intelligent Platform (commonly referred to as the Akamai network).

This guide walks you through a simple setup that configures a few basic features on your website, and shows you how to use your selected suite of Web Performance products:
  • Ion (Standard, Premier, or Media Advanced)
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA)
  • Rich Media Accelerator (RMA)


Setting up Web Performance for your property is done in five steps:

1. Place a test object for the SureRoute feature on your origin server.

2. Tell Akamai how to find your origin server.

3. Configure your Web Performance product on the Akamai network.

4. Test your property configuration before going live.

5. Go live and serve your traffic through the Akamai network.

Akamai sends you the account information to activate your property configuration. If you’re new to our Web Performance product setup, it’s important that you read What you need to get started so you know what information we’re looking for to complete the setup.

After configuring your product, use the setup checklist to make sure that you completed all of the required steps.