Configure the NetStorage recommended behaviors

If you selected NetStorage to serve your content, configuring the cache key parameters and cache HTTP error responses behaviors is recommended.

How to

  1. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected Control Center account. Go to > CDN > Properties (or just enter Properties in the search box).
    The Property Groups page opens.
  2. Click the Property Name link for your property.
  3. On the Property Details page, click the Version of your configuration that you want to access in Manage Versions and Activations.
  4. On the Property Manager Editor page, select Default Rule in Property Configuration Settings.
  5. In Behaviors, configure the Cache Key Query Parameters behavior:
    This behavior controls the use of the query string (or portions of it) to differentiate objects in cache.
    1. Add the Cache Key Query Parameters behavior.
    2. Set the Behavior field to Exclude all parameters.
  6. In Behaviors, configure the Cache HTTP Error Responses behavior:
    This behavior modifies the caching time of error responses from the origin to reduce calls when content is not available.
    1. Add the Cache HTTP Error Responses behavior.
    2. Set the Max-age field to 30.