Edge IP Binding view

The Edge IP Binding (EIB) view provides information about EIB configurations for all contracts using these configurations.

Through a set of 20 fixed IP addresses per all hostnames supporting IPv4 and IPv6 (dual stack) formats, EIB provides zero rate billing (ZRB) capabilities and access to a scalable network. ZRB enables third parties, such as mobile carriers, to establish a partnership with a customer to offer their traffic at no cost to end users, or to prevent counting it against a data capacity threshold (data cap).

Search options

Text filter. Limits the EIB data presented by a searched phrase.

EIB data filtered by a specific contract ID

Edge IP Binding data types

The following data types are available:
Contract ID
The ID of your contract.
The status of the EIB configuration. Two options are available:
  • Pending. The EIB configuration is waiting to be propagated in the Akamai network.
  • Created. The EIB configuration has been successfully propagated in the Akamai network.
Anycast IPs
The IPs assigned to your property hostnames that a cellular service provider designates for zero rate billing (ZRB).
Property hostnames
The full, end-user-facing hostnames (domain name) of your application or site—what your end users target to request content. For example, www.ota.automotive-company.com