Aggregated reporting parameters

The following table lists the parameters you can specify in the aggregated reporting behavior. With this behavior, you can configure a custom report that aggregates traffic data on up to four user-defined data types. You can only have two aggregated reporting behaviors in an OTA Updates property.

Aggregated reporting parameters
Field Description
Enabled Enables generating aggregated reports.
Report Name The unique name of a data source within the property. By default, the name used by an instance of the aggregated report to log data.
Important: If you reconfigure any of the attributes in the aggregated reporting behavior or the variables used as data sources for the attributes, you must change the report name. This change allows a new instance of the aggregated report to log the reconfigured data.
Attributes Count The number of attributes that group the aggregated report. You can add up to four attributes.
Attribute 1-4 The attributes for the aggregated report. These fields use user-defined variables.

The values extracted for all attributes range from 0 to 20 characters.