Activate a key collection on staging

You can activate a selected version on the staging network. The staging network lets you test your public keys without impact to production configurations. After testing the functionality, you can use the same key collection in production.

For a key collection, you can activate only one version on the staging network. By activating a new version, you deactivate the previous one.

How to

  1. In Token Access Control Access, click Manage next to the appropriate key collection name.
  2. On the <key collection name> page, click the version that you want to activate in staging.
    The system numbers key collection versions in ascending order with the highest number indicating the latest version.
  3. On the <version> page, click Activate on staging.
    The activation process may take up to 30 minutes.
    Tip: You can track progress of the activation in the key collection's details view.

Next steps

Once you've activated the key collection version, you can select it in the JWT behavior of the property that you want to test on the staging network. See: