INIT + play start dimensions

Parameter Configuration Name Key Description Applicable to Data Possible Values / Data Type
Media Analytics QoS Monitor Client Provided System Generated
Host hostName aa Video server host. String
Application appName ab Name of the application in case of streaming video. This is blank for progressive download. String
Stream Name streamName ac Stream name in case of streaming video. This is blank for progressive download. String
Port port ad Port on the server to which connection is made. Number
Protocol protocol ae Protocol used for connection. String
Player Referrer playerReferrer af URL of the player.

In case of Flash, it is the URL of the SWF file of the player.

URL (Encoded)
Page Url pageUrl pu URL of page in which video is embedded. URL (Encoded)
Page Referrer page Referrer pr Referrer URL of the page in which video is embedded. URL (Encoded)
User Agent userAgent ai User agent of the browser in which player is embedded. String
Player Version playerversion aj Version of the Flash/Silverlight player. String
Player Type playerType ak Runtime environment type of the player. For Flash players, this is preceded by "Flash_" followed by the type of runtime environment.

For Silverlight players its value is "Silverlight".

Following are different types:

Flash_ActiveX - Flash Player ActiveX control used by IE.

Flash_PlugIn - Flash Player browser plug-in / SWF content loaded by an HTML page in an AIR application.

Flash_Desktop - Adobe AIR runtime.

Flash_External - External Flash player.

Flash_StandAlone - Stand-alone Flash player.

Silverlight - Silverlight player.

iPhone - iPhone/iPad applications.

Operating System OS al "Windows 7"

"Windows Vista"

"Windows XP"

"Windows 8"

"Windows Other"

"Mac OS"





Format format am W - Windows Media Streaming

H - Flash HD

F - Flash Streaming

D - Flash Dynamic

P - Progressive Downloads

A - Smooth Streaming

Z - Adobe HTTP Streaming

L - HTTP Live Streaming

Connect Time connectTime an Time taken for initial connection to the server. Time (ms)
Initial Buffer Time bufferingTime ao Time taken for initial bufferring before the play starts rendering. Time (ms)
Start up Time startupTime ap Sum of 'Connect Time' and 'Initial Buffer Time'. Time (ms)
Stream length streamLength aq Length of the stream being played out in milliseconds. For Live Streams this is either 0, or is not sent. Time (ms)
Total Bytes bytesTotal ar Size of the stream in bytes. This is loaded only for "Progressive Download". Number (bytes)
Frames Per Second encodedFPS as Encoded "Frames Per Second" value of the video being played out. Number
Browser browser at The name of the browser on which the stream is being viewed. String
Browser Size browserSize au The size of the browser represented as width*height.

For example, au=1276*795

Video Size videoSize s The encoded size of the video represented as width*height.

For example, av=768*428

Stream URL streamUrl aw The complete URL of the stream being played. URL (Encoded)
Delivery Type deliveryType ax The delivery type of the video. For example, live or on-demand stream. O = on demand; L= live; and T = 24x7 Char
Bucket Length bucketlength ba The stream is divided into a pre-configured number of parts in the XML Config file. Different statistics are logged for these parts of the stream. Each part is named in a bucket. This metric denotes the size of each bucket in milliseconds. Number (ms)
Server Ip serverIp bb The IP Address of the server in which the media is stored. IP Address
Player Format playerFormat be This is concatenation of the "Player Type" and "Format" fields separated by a colon. PlayerType:Format
Content Delivery Network cdn cm The content delivery network providing the stream. Match rules can be configured in the configuration file to selecting a particular CDN. String
Is First Title isFirstTitle ft This is set to 1 for the first title in a 24x7 scenario. Number