Common parameters

Parameter Configuration Name Key Description Applicable to Data Possible Values / Data Type
Media Analytics QoS Monitor Client Provided System Generated
Event Code eventCode a Identifies the type of beacon with any one of the following possible values:


S=Play Start


H=Heart Beat





Beacon Id beaconId b Beacon Id from configuration file. Number
Session Id/Attempt Id sessionId/attemptId c This is a unique GUID generated for every user attempt. String
Client Id/Viewer Id clientId/viewerId d Unique Id for the client machine. The value is stored in client cache (Flash Cache/JS Cookie/iPhone Cache) depending on the type of plug-in. String
Sequence sequenceId e Sequence number for logs sent in a particular session. It is incremented for every subsequent beacon. “I” line always starts with sequence number 0. No two beacons in a particular session can have the same sequence Id (Unless they are split lines). Number
Log Type logType f A log type used when sending multiple log lines. It can either be relative or cumulative. Currently all plug-ins only support relative logging.

relative(R) - Statistics are calculated relative to the last log line.

cumulative(C) - Statistics are calculated with respect to start of play.



End Of Stream endOfStream g Indicates if the end of stream is reached.

1 - End Of Stream

0 - Not End Of Stream

0, 1
Log Version logVersion h Indicates the logging version used by processing. This is changed whenever there is any change in the log values or keys being sent. String
Format Version formatVersion i Indicates the format version used by processing. This is changed whenever the format of logs is updated. String
Visit Id visitId k Indicates the session Id for a complete browser session (effectively like a session cookie). This Id is not reset unless the browser is completely closed or cookies are deleted. This Id remains the same for new tabs and also on a refresh.

MA - 4.0

Script Disabled scriptDisabled sd This flag is sent in all the beacons when script access is not available to the plug-in due to which the plug-in is unable to send window close lines. The only allowed value is sd=1.

This key=value pair is not sent under normal conditions when script access is allowed.

MA - 4.0

Number (1)
Hashed Viewer Id xViewerId xd This is sent with the PBKDF2 hash of ViewerId when Viewer Diagnostics is enabled.

MA - 4.5

Hashed Viewer Id Version xViewerIdVersion VV This contains the salt version used for PBKDF2 hashing when Viewer Dagnostics is enabled.

MA - 4.5