Reporting dimensions (OD)

Here you'll find a list of the dimensions available for use with the various reports dashboards for Object Delivery (OD).

Note: The actual dimension name may differ slightly if you're using the Media Delivery Reports API v1, rather than the Akamai Control Center interface. To get the name used in the API and its assigned id value, run the "List Object Delivery data stores" operation and review the response.
Dimension Name Description Limitations of Use
Time Indicates the time at which content was consumed.

This dimension is set automatically.

CPCode Content Provider Code (CPCode) is an identifier assigned to a contract and used for reporting, billing and monitoring traffic served. N/A
Content Type The value of the HTTP content type header served to the client. This dimension reports a value as "Others" if the content type is unknown or not set.
File Extension File extension of the object requested. This is extracted from the URL of the requested object. This dimension is reported as "Unknown" when:
  • The URL does not have a file extension
  • The File extension exceeds five characters
  • The file extension begins with a digit
File Size Bucket The number of bytes and the size of objects requested categorized in buckets of various sizes. N/A