Widget data aggregation and Chart view

Chart view for a "line graph" widget is limited on the number of data points that can be plotted. This limit affects the aggregation of the data revealed for certain reports.

How is aggregation affected?

The aggregation is affected by two factors:

  • The widget size. There are two widget sizes:
    • Half. Two half widgets sit side-by-side in the report's UI. This is the most limited in regards to points plotted.
    • Full. The widget spans the full width of the report's UI. While limited, it is less so than a half widget.
  • The range of time. The duration of time you set for report data output.

The table that follows shows the aggregation applied to a Chart, based on the two factors, above:

Duration Widget size (Half/Full) Aggregation (in minutes)
Up to 1 day Half 5
1 to 3 days Half 15
3 to 6 days Half 30
6 to 12 days Half 60
12 days to 31 days Half 1440 (daily)
Up to 2.5 days Full 5
2.5 days to 8 days Full 15
8 days to 16days Full 30
16 to 31 days Full 60
32 to 90 days Full 1440 (daily)

Which reports are affected?

Specifically, this applies to "Traffic," "Performance," and "Availability" related reports tabs. If it applies, it's called out in a separate section in that tab's topic (that refers back to this topic).

Note: This only applies to widgets that display line graph charts. (It does not apply to bar graphs.)

I need more granular data

Chart view offers a quick view and isn't intended to be all-inclusive. You can easily get more granular data by switching the widget to Table () view, or you can download report data as a CSV file.