Welcome to Media Delivery Reports

As an online publisher, media broadcaster or software delivery business, you have a great need for deeper insight into your media and download delivery. You might be "flying blind" with these delivery solutions with regards to end-user experiences, because you just don't have access to reporting metrics. This can greatly impact brand and customer loyalty. Ultimately, this means your awareness of asset usage, or how delivery quality affects your daily business is severely limited.

Our Media Delivery Reports components help you monitor and identify key trends of your Akamai Media Delivery solutions, via easy-to-use interfaces in Akamai Control Center.

You can monitor site, traffic, visitors, applications, downloads, and video streaming to track your content and make sure it reaches the end user with the highest quality for a superior user experience. The various reports provide significant enhancements and close the reporting gap required to stay relevant and distinguish yourself from other players in the field.

Media Delivery Reports vs. Media Services Reports

We offer two separate suites of reporting components for use with our Media products:

  • Media Services Reports. This applies to our Media Services Live (MSL) and Media Services On Demand (MSOD) streaming products. These reports are available in separate UIs in Control Center, and these reports are covered in the Media Services Reports - User Guide.