Welcome to the MSL 3 Encoder Compatibility Guide

Learn how to test and qualify third-party encoders for streaming media events.

Even though Media Services Live 3.x supports multiple input and output types with a great deal of flexibility and robustness, you should test any live stream encoder before you use it for a live event. This ensures live events are successful and provides third-party vendors an opportunity to validate their solution in a non-production environment.

Why should I test compatibility for an encoder?

Basic compatibility testing is a very lightweight process that can quickly determine if a stream encoder is capable of powering a live event in Media Services Live. It is a bare minimum, however, and might not cover many functionality requirements, such as the ability to recover from various interruptions. To ensure high-quality, uninterrupted live events, use encoders tested in a robust qualification process.

Why should I qualify an encoder?

Qualification has several benefits. It enables both parties to benefit from an ongoing relationship, both business and technical, allowing them to evolve together and address potential issues quickly and efficiently. Ultimately this provides a better experience for mutual customers. We will work with the vendor to ensure new features and functionality in Media Services Live and in the vendor’s product continue to work together by providing ongoing technical updates and testing capabilities in Media Services Live. This cooperation will allow us to recommend qualified encoders to interested customers and prospects, as they have been shown to provide a reliable solution.