Ingest acceleration

Improve first mile stability and reliability with Ingest Acceleration.

Media Services Live 4 provides the optional Ingest Acceleration feature. It resolves encoder to Akamai ingest issues and provides more stability and reliability over the first mile of ingest. For details, see Ingest Acceleration.

To use the Ingest Acceleration feature, you need to install the proprietary Akamai software. The target system needs to meet these requirements:

  • The system needs to be running Linux.
    Note: We no longer offer support for IAS on Windows.
  • Allocate at least two (2) GB memory for each IP address and port.
  • You can manipulate the hostname and path on the encoder.
  • You can specify the port number within a POST or PUT operation on the encoder.
  • For best performance, IAS should be installed on the same system acting as the encoder. The local host is more reliable than other network computers.

If you can't install third-party software on your encoder, then install IAS on a separate computer that resides as close to the encoder as possible.