DASH requirements

Recommendations and requirements for live stream encoders compatible with DASH industry forum specifications.

This table describes mandatory fields from the DASH specification.

MPD Information Notes
@type Mandatory. Set to dynamic.
@publishTime Specifies the wall-clock time when the MPD was generated and published at the origin server.
@availabilityStartTime The start time is the anchor for the MPD in wall-clock time.
@minimumUpdatePeriod Set this to 0 to indicate that frequent DASH events may occur.

You can find more details in the DASH Guidelines.

Tip: Do not use base URLs with a single source manifest. When you add a base URL to a single source manifest, it changes all addressing from relative to absolute and binds the input to the output. Use base URLs if you’re using a backup stream.

DASH streams pushed from unqualified live encoders will be rejected.

Media Services Live DASH does not honor live encoder HTTP DELETE requests. While Media Services servers will return a 200 HTTP status code, the content is not actually deleted as requested.

Mime types

Extension Mime Type
.mp4 video/mp4
.m4v video
.m4s video/iso.segment
.m4a audio/mp4

Alternate hostname uploads

Encoders should be capable of using multiple hostnames when publishing multiple bitrates to better handle failure situations. Encoders that cannot use multiple hostnames will have a single point of failure. If the single upload host being used is lost, the event will be interrupted until the host returns or a new host is provisioned.