Master manifest

Master playlist

Verify that the master playlist file does not get uploaded too frequently.

Variant playlists

The filenames index.m3u8, playlist.m3u8 and master.3u8 are considered master playlist names and are hard-coded into the system. You can post these playlists only during the encoding session startup. Akamai makes special provisions in the configuration metadata to post the playlists directly to persistent storage.

MPD manifest

Encoders should be free to upload the MPD just once (as per the standard) or at any arbitrary interval that they choose. The content of the file might or might not change on each upload.

The URL format is:


For example:

Filenaming conventions

Use these filenames only for the master variant playlist.

Apart from these default names, you can create a distinct name for the master variant playlist using the following guidelines:

  • Enter one filename per line.
  • Filenames can contain any of the following characters: a-z,A-Z,0-9,_,and -. They should have the extension .m3u8.
  • The characters * and ? are treated as wildcards.
  • Filenames are case-sensitive.