Posting URLs

Encoders must be capable of posting URL in the formats described.


DASH encoders can upload the .mpd file just once, as per the standard, or at an arbitrary interval. An update interval of about 30 seconds is ideal. The content of the file may change on each upload, but that is optional.

The URL format is: https://{hostname}/{format}/{streamID}/{eventname}/{anyname}.mpd

For example:

Initialization segment

The initialization segment must be uploaded only once for each bitrate/representation.

The URL format is: https://{hostname}/{format}/{streamID}/{eventname}/{representationID.ext with init string}.{any extension other than mpd}

If you need to restart your encoder, ensure that the initialization segment name gets re-uploaded with a unique value in its name (for example, timestamp).

Note: Make sure that the initialization header has the init keyword in it. The file with init extension is also acceptable.



Media Data Segment

Configure your encoder to upload the media data segment mp4, m4s, m4a, or m4v once, or at any interval that you choose.

The URL syntax is: https://{hostname}/{format}/{streamID}/{eventname}/{representationID}-{segment number}.{mp4,m4s,m4a,m4v} For example: