• The following effects might be encountered due to issues with iOS default player:
    • A player shows text track option, ignores the playlist attribute CLOSED-CAPTIONS=NONE-NOENUM and NONE — 21754524
    • The Seek Bar is not immediately available for a DVR-enabled Live Stream — 18912024
  • DVR window limitation in regards with HLS Spec Upgrade:
    • If you use set-akamai-hls-revision > 1 for HLS streams with a DVR window greater than 29.5 minutes then the playback will be broken, and a 404 error will be issued.
    • If you use set-akamai-hls-revision = 1 then HLS streams will not have any DVR window limitation.
    • The maximum DVR window supported when you use the HLS Spec Query string set-akamai-hls-revision = <3, 4, or 5> is 30 minutes.