Use Media Services Live player components

Media Services Live: Stream Packaging playback applications for HDS and HD Flash 1.0 outputs are built using a Media Services Live provided ActionScript 3.0 code library called HDCore. The purpose of this library is to make it easy for developers to add the functionality to existing players.

  • HDCore
    • Two core classes within this library are com.akamai.hd.ZStream and com.akamai.hd.HDNetStream . ZStream is used for HDS output, and HDNetStream is used for HD Flash 1.0 output. ASDOCS are available for each of these classes and are included with any code distribution. The code itself is distributed as a SWC library.
    • HDCore 2.3+ integrated into a framework built on Flash Player 10.1 and above is the minimum version required for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming.
    • Media Analytics integrated into HDCore.
      • HDCore, version 1.1+ is the minimum version required. To use Media Analytics without integrating it into HDCore, you can use any HDCore version.
  • OSMF Plugin
    • Advanced Streaming Plugin for Open Source Media Framework (OSMF )

      This plugin is not required in order to use HDS output. If you choose, however, to use the OSMF player and also leverage all features, this plugin provides support for it; version 1.0.4+ is the minimum version that supports it.

      Note: When HDS output is used, the usage of HD Player Components is enforced.