Provision Media Services Live Stream Packaging

MSL Stream Packaging combines the best features of both Adobe Flash Platform—Live (HD Flash 1.0) and Media Services Live (HLS), allowing for an RTMP ingress stream and egress streams in either Adobe HDS output, Apple HLS output, or HD Flash 1.0 output.

Note: Ingest for Stream Packaging delivery platform is supported over the RTMP protocol. This protocol can use port 80 or port 1935. You should use RTMP directly over port 80 or port 1935.

MSL Stream Packaging supports DEEM (Dynamic Entrypoint to Encoder Mapping). DEEM enables an entry point to be dynamically reassigned in the rare event of a failure or performance issue – without any manual intervention. So, if there is ever an issue with an entry point during a live event, your stream is automatically remapped to a new one, significantly limiting the amount of time the live stream is impacted.